Welcome to Parently.

We teach a new form of wellbeing education that is highly effective at preventing high stress-levels and anxiety within families. This education is designed to safeguard your family against the emotional struggles and overwhelming intensity of modern life. 

To do this, we deliver programmes to parents, with the option of including children or other family members.

Additionally, we provide evening talks, conduct webinars and create audios and video resources that are available in the members area of this website.

What we do

We can help parents who are struggling with: 

- Anxiety in themselves or their children

- Marriage-related issues

- Issues surrounding technology and screen-time 

- Low self-confidence or self-worth

- Anger issues

- A lack of connection within the family

- Loneliness

- Lack of fulfilment

- Career direction

- School refusal

- Resolving "Mum Guilt"

Living proof

This is Natalie. We helped her family. We thought you might not want to hear us banging on about how awesome Parently is... so she's doing it for us! 

What we don't do

We aren't therapists or counsellors. We won’t go over old pain, relive past trauma or remind you of childhood incidents. We don’t do CBT, psychology tips, counselling, meditation, yoga, or any other techniques that you have to learn.

All that stuff can be pretty hard work, and for some people it works like a charm. But for some people it doesn't, so it was a huge relief to us when we learnt that you don't need to do any of it to find your happiness.

 "I have had ongoing coaching from Ed, and I feel truly free for the first time in my life."


Get in touch

If you'd like to know more, book a free consultation call, or confidentially discuss our programmes, please let us know when we should call you back below.


If you'd prefer us to email you only, just let us know that too.