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We’re Ed and Charlie — and we’re the partnership behind Parently.


We developed this style of mentoring after searching for years for the change we needed to make our lives the best versions that we could. We’d spent a lot of time buried in self-help books, with pricey memberships to unused gyms and fancy yoga clubs. We’d done CBT, traditional counselling and all sorts of random stuff along the way, too. Journalling was a particularly time-consuming one — it only helped us realise how much time we spent journalling!


We were on holiday when we came across some decades old, little known work from America, on thought and the power of the mind. By this point we were self-helped-out and not really feeling the love for any positive mental attitude stuff. But what we found was quite impressive. It’s not rocket science, but it sometimes feels like rocket science to see & accept! 


Essentially, all life and all change comes from thought. And all thought comes from you, whether you like it or not. The good news is, therefore, that any reaction to any situation in life is controlled by you — either subconsciously, or consciously. 


The conscious thought is the easy stuff: turn left ahead, don’t buy any more shoes, drink more water. But the subconscious stuff is subtle, secretive and can be downright dangerous. 


Even just the fact of noticing thoughts will change your outlook, approach and reaction to everything.


It changed ours.


If you feel that we could help you change your life, even just a little bit, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch here.

Our work in schools


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Our Masters-Level Research

We are incredibly proud to announce that Laura Anthony, an immensely valuable member of our team, has now completed a Masters-Level research project for Edge Hill University on the effectiveness of bringing this new understanding of the mind into education. 

This document is now available to download in PDF format, along with a one-page synopsis of our findings.



New evidence-based research from the USA

The SPARK INITIATIVE create and deliver curricula based on the same form of mental health and wellbeing education that we teach. They predominantly work in challenging communities and schools in the state of Florida. Their results are exceptional.


Recently, they have been working with Group Victory LLC to achieve evidence-based status. Their results of their research can be downloaded here.